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The White List function allows you to exclude some sites from checking or to restrict browsing the Internet by your children most strictly.


This function has two options.

Don't check sites from the White list
Tick this checkbox if you want to exclude the sites (listed in the White list) from the all checking by ChildWebGuardian PRO. This allows anybody to visit these sites even they have the forbidden words.

Allow sites only from the White list
If you activate this function, your child will be able to visit only the sites, specified in this list. All the attempts to access the pages from other servers will be blocked.


You can specify the addresses in the White List as masks using the symbol *.

The symbol * means that in this place there may be any letters or words.

For example, all the URLs beginning from www.kid will fall under the mask www.kid*

If you want to specify all the domains containing the word kid, you must use the mask *kid*

You can use masks in the Black List function as well.



ChildWebGuardian PRO has the following controlling functions:

analyzing the page content for the presence of forbidden phrases - read more
online system of parental control - read more
blocking the access to the sites in the "black" list - read more
restricting the use of Internet by time and by days - read more
storing the URLs of the visited Internet resources to the special file - read more
sending the full report on the viewed pages to your e-mail - read more
function for a maximum browsing restriction that gives access only to the Internet addresses in the "white" list - read more
automatic program deactivation for the super users - read more
special functions for work in a local network - read more
games control - read more


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