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  December 2021 ChildWebGuardian PRO 5.20
  May 2021 ChildWebGuardian PRO 5.19
  March 2020 ChildWebGuardian PRO 5.17
  April 2015 ChildWebGuardian PRO 5.0
  Septempber 2012 ChildWebGuardian PRO 4.0
  March 2012 ChildWebGuardian PRO 3.0
  March 2010 ChildWebGuardian PRO 2.0
  January 2010 ChildWebGuardian PRO 1.0

Online System of Parental Control

You can connect to our Online System of Parental Control using ChildWebGuardian PRO. Right now the system works in test mode and all of our registered users may use it for free.

Online System of Parental Control will allow you through internet to control the time that your child spend on the computer. You'll be able:
To power off the child's computer and to block its using on hour or two;
To receive the email messages when your child starts to use the computer;
To make the video calls to child's computer;
To receive the screenshots and photos from webcam to your email;


Log in to Online System of Parental Control



ChildWebGuardian PRO has the following controlling functions:

analyzing the page content for the presence of forbidden phrases - read more
online system of parental control - read more
blocking the access to the sites in the "black" list - read more
restricting the use of Internet by time and by days - read more
storing the URLs of the visited Internet resources to the special file - read more
sending the full report on the viewed pages to your e-mail - read more
function for a maximum browsing restriction that gives access only to the Internet addresses in the "white" list - read more
automatic program deactivation for the super users - read more
special functions for work in a local network - read more
games control - read more


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